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Yong Tongyi Legal Philosophy

The Institute is supported by the Yong Tongyi Legal Philosophy Fund, sponsored by Lau Wong Fat. The Yong Tongyi Fund has established several programmes that aim to enhance academic exchange and research.

Lau Wong Fat is a member of the Hong Kong Executive Council and the Hong Kong Legislative Council. He is the chairman of board of directors of Yong Tongyi Holdings Limited. He was created justice of the peace in 1973, awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star in 1998, and the Great Bauhinia Medal in 2005.

Funding is provided annually for:

  1. International Academic Exchanges for Legal scholars or scholars of other related subjects (three months).

  2. Overseas study for master’s or doctoral students (six months).

  3. Lectures. One or two scholars invited to give lectures (ten days).

  4. Research Projects. Two projects, 40,000 Yuan.

  5. Academic Publications. Books, translations and journals.


    Detailed information on applications to the LPI is available in the Regulation on the Yong Tongyi Legal Philosophy Fund.


    Application Form for Project Funding

    Application Form for International Academic Exchange

    Application Form for Overseas Study