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CESL Vis Team

2016/2017 CESL Vis Team

The team members from left to right: Zhao Min, Liu Qianning, Que Linyao, Liu Renhao, Tian Yu and Meng Fanqin. All six are 2015 double master’s students. Coaches are Professor Susan-Gale Wintermuth and Assistant Professor Monika Prusinowska.


2015/2016 CESL Vis Team

From left to right: Huang Tingli, Liu Yuchi, Zhang Yi, Coach Professor Susan-Gale Wintermuth, Yang Xia, Shi Zhong and Coach Assistant Professor Monika Prusinowska. All students are 2014 double master’s students. Student Coach was 2012 double master’s student Xi Lin.


2014/2015 CESL Vis Team

The 2014/15 team members were 2014 MEIL student Gilbert Dadzie, 2014 MEIL student Ana Trigo, 2012 double master’s student Lin Xi, 2013 double master’s student Tan Qiujie, 2013 double master’s student Zhang Junmin and 2013 double master’s student Zhu Yanan. Coaches were Professor Susan-Gale Wintermuth and Assistant Professor Monika Prusinowska, student coach was 2012 double master’s student Zhao Chunlei and team manager was 2013 double master student Peng Xiao.


2013/2014 CESL Vis Team

Team members were 2012 double master’s student Han Weizhe, Jiang Xuan, Li Kaixu, Zhang Chenxu, Zhao Chunlei and Zhang Liming. Coaches were Professor Susan-Gale Wintermuth, Assistant Professor Monika Prusinowska and Christian Steger, Chairman of Hamburg Vis Moot Alumni Association. Team manager was the 2012 master student Li Jinglun.