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Tackling China-EU legal issues

Since 2008, the China-EU School of Law has been committed to promoting China-EU legal dialogue across political, geographical and cultural borders. We aim to identify challenges, build bridges and offer new perspectives on legal issues in both the People’s Republic of China and the European Union. European scholars improve their knowledge of Chinese law and practice, and in turn, Chinese scholars improve their knowledge in the field of European and international law. Our primary focus is on Chinese law, European law, international law, constitutional and administrative law, international trade law and comparative law.

We strengthen China-EU legal dialogue with academic conferences, research grants, symposia and publications. All of our activities contribute to the identification of common values and interests and to the building of trust in a world where globalisation raises questions reaching far beyond the jurisprudence of a single nation and learning from each other is indispensable to solving any legal problem. Our network consists of 16partner universities and 28 associates, including research institutions and international law firms.


  • Scientific events:We organise conferences, workshops and lectures in Europe and China that shed light on the latest China-EU legal issues. Previous conferences covered topics such as “Compliance with global trade rules”, “Legal reform of market economy”, “Re-paving the legal and economic Silk Road” and “E-Commerce”.

  •  Funding for research:We support research stays for European PhD students in China and for young Chinese researchers in Europe with a scholarship of up to 1,000 euros per month. We fund Chinese-European research groups with up to 10,000 euros each until December 2017.

  • Publications:We support researchers who make their results available to the public, especially articles in the “China-EU Law Journal” and books within the “China-EU Law Series” which we publish in cooperation with the internationally-renowned publishing house Springer..


Zhao Tianshu

Research Manager

China-EU School of Law at the China University of Political Science and Law


Tel.: +86-10-5991-5787