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Li Xiang, Jin Jigang

Concise Chinese Tort Laws

China-EU Law Series, Vol. 1

2014, XVI, 327 p

Publisher: Springer

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ZHENG Yongliu etc. The Public Interest in Chinese Law Publisher:Peking University Press, July, 2014


Product Type: Book

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C.H. van Rhee and Fu Yulin (Eds.)

Civil Litigation in China and Europe. Essays on the Role of the Judge and the Parties (2014)

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 978-94-007-7665-4 (Print) 978-94-007-7666-1 (Online)

Product Type: Book


Lucia Serena Rossi, Giacomo di Federico (Eds.)

Fundamental Rights in Europe and China - Regional Identities and Universalism (2013)

Publisher: Editoriale Scientifica

ISBN: 8863424985, 9788863424980

Product Type: Book


Aalt Willem Heringa

Legal Education (June, 2013)

Publisher: Intersentia

ISBN: 978-1-78068-166-5

Product Type: Book

Marina Timoteo

Environmental Law in Action EU and China Perspectives (2013)

Publisher: Bononia University Press

ISBN: 8873958109, 9788873958109

Product Type: Book


Paolo Farah

China’s Influence on Non Trade Concerns in International Economic Law (2013)

Publisher: Ashgate

ISBN: 978-1-4094-4848-8

Product Type: Book

Prof dr Zheng Yongliu

The Guide to Legal Methodology, 2nd edition (2012)

Publisher: Peking University Press

ISBN: 978-7-301-21051-2

Product Type: Book

Prof dr Zheng Yongliu, Chief-Editor

Archives for Legal Philosophy and Sociology of Law, 2012/17 (2012)

Publisher: Law Press China

ISBN: 978-7-511-83894-0

Product Type: Book

Dong, Yiliang / Liu, Hongyan / Pißler, Knut B.

The 2011 Regulation on the Causes of Civil Action of the Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China (2011)

Publisher: De Gruyter

ISBN: 978-3-11-026772-3

Product Type: Book

Format: eBook, Hardcover



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