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The Institute for Legal Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research of Law (LPI) is a professional research institution under the China-EU School of Law. The Institute was founded on May 21, 2011 with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary research into the law and its interaction with social and natural sciences. New themes and directions will be further developed in the area of Legal Philosophy and the theoretical construction of law.

Zheng Yongliu is director of the LPI. He will work alongside part-time researchers. An internal academic committee is responsible for evaluating research programmes, scheduling publications and monitoring the academic development of the Institute.

The Institute will fund interdisciplinary research programmes and studies of theoretical significance.

Research Priorities

The relationship between private law and public law

Legal methodology

Legal hermeneutics

Anglo-American legal and political philosophy

The development of rule of law in different societies and its preconditions

Law as cultural phenomenon

Normative theories of civil law

Public interest in legal practice

Contact us

Address: 27 Fuxue Road, Changping District, Beijing

Postcode: 102249

Office: A112 International Exchange Center

E-mail: lpi_ce@hotmail.com