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Please see below some of the courses that have been offered by the China-EU School of Law.

Courses for Chinese judges

Trial psychology

Case study and case analysis

Enforcement of civil judgements

Judicial mediation

Courses for Chinese prosecutors

Prosecution in Europe

Trial psychology

Financial crimes and money laundering

Anti-terrorism and fight against corruption

Courses for Chinese lawyers

Cross border investment

Chinese direct investment in Eastern Europe

Maritime law

Product liability and safety

European intellectual property law

Courses for Chinese civil servants

Public rule of law in government construction

Revision of administrative law

Media training

Dispute settlement

Big data and internet

China's peripheral security in an international context

The application of psychology in judiciary

Administrative procedural law

Criminal law amendment

Legal aid in criminal matters

Compulsory administrative law

Reform of administrative law enforcement

Reform of the judicial system

Rule of law

Emergency management

Courses for European lawyers

Inside a Chinese courtroom

An introduction to legal practice in China

Relevant fields of Chinese law for European investment in China

All professional training courses 2015 and 2016