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What languages are offered?

Professional Training Courses will be held in Chinese and/or in English depending on the language skills of the audience and the topic of the relevant class. When necessary, CESL will provide translations of lectures and class materials in order to meet the audience's needs.

Where and when will the training take place?

Courses and longer training programmes are offered both in China and in Europe. They can be organised anywhere in the People’s Republic and each of the European countries, at a location convenient for the participants. Previous trainings took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Bremen, Alicante, and Brussels.

Do you also organise travel arrangements or further visits to legal institutions?

The China-EU School of Law also offers training packages including the organization of travel arrangements, accommodation and visits to courts, institutions and other important places for legal experts. Training courses can also include internships.