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Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition fee for the two-year programme is 87,000 yuan for international students.

All students must pay the tuition fee of 43,500 yuan at the time of registration of each academic year.


Students from CESL’s European partner universities will be awarded scholarship of RMB 37,000 yuan to cover tuition fees.

"Chinese University Program” and “EU Window Chinese Scholarship Program” scholarships from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) may be available to international students. The application deadline is usually 1 April. Students have to apply directly with the CSC.

Moreover, please contact your home university’s international office for further information on special scholarships in your home country and at your home university.

Living Expenses

International students will be provided accommodation in the dormitory at the International Exchange Centre at CUPL’s Changping Campus. A standard room is shared by four students. It costs approximately RMB 5250 per person per academic year. Students who wish to live in the dorm have to indicate this to the CESL office. Students can also live in an apartment close to campus. A small apartment with two rooms costs approximately 4000 yuan per month which could be shared by two persons. A shopping centre, banks, a post office, hotels and restaurants are all within walking distance of campus. For living expenses – food, books, medical insurance, transportation, social activities, etc. – international students usually spend about RMB 2,500 per month.