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Vis East Moot Alumni

There are many reasons to participate in the Vis Moot. Students enhance their legal expertise by drafting legal memoranda, they train their oral skills as the entire competition is held in English and they learn from practising with international lawyers and arbitrators. They develop their soft skills by becoming more confident and convincing in legal arguments and working in a team. They also get to meet students from the best universities worldwide and visit the fascinating city of Hong Kong.

Here you can read what the China-EU School of Law’s Vis Moot Alumni cherished in particular.

Anne Berlips
The time you spend doing the Vis Moot will be one of the most memorable times of your life. I am incredibly grateful to have had this chance, not only to develop my writing and speaking skills and improve my legal English, but also, I learnt so much on a personal level. From how to present and carry yourself to effective teamwork. And last but not least, the Vis Moot offered me the chance to make friends and fully immerse myself in life in China.
Best of luck to all future CESL Vis Moot teams!

Li Ziyu
Vis has implanted an interest of arbitration deep in my heart and has prepared me for a career full of challenges. During the 6-month preparation, I, together with my team members, was coached to write memorandums logically and formally, to do oral pleadings politely and powerfully, and to answer tough question concisely and pertinently. We can see our improvement during the process, with the great help of coaches and student coaches, with the inner cohesion in the whole team, with the valuable comments from arbitrators and with the friendly rivalry against competent competitors. A new world waiting for me to explore, that is what I want to thank Vis for.

Guo Jingjuan
Seriously, VIS has changed my life. I highly recommend everyone who is passionate about the law and the life to participate. You could get the valuable chances to work with and learn from excellent peers as well as practitioners. You could gain better understanding of the law, business, competition and teamwork. You could also build up or improve bilingual ability and advocacy skill. What else you could ask for? VIS is a treasure. Join to explore it by yourself.

Tao Zhilin
It is a decision that I would never ever regret to apply for Vis Moot in 2018. Because of Vis Moot, as someone who had never had formal legal training before, I felt honored to have the precious opportunity to improve my legal thinking, and to learn from great practitioners. During the six-month journey, we had happy moments, sad moments as well as exhausting moments. We struggled, but as a team we kept fighting till the end. After all, Vis Moot is not only about hard work, but also about the fighting spirit, about friendship!

Wang Lulu
Being a Vis member is the thing that I'm most proud of in my second year in CESL. By working on a case for six months with my dearest teammates and respectful coaches, I've learned how to think as a lawyer, e.g. to think about the big picture when answering arbitrators' questions, to build a positive case for our client by dealing with the details of the case. I've also learned how to say politely, e.g. "I would like" rather than "I want". I've also got my first passport and first experience of visiting Malaysia and Hong Kong. It was amazing! While, the most important thing, I think, is that during Vis I've met so many brilliant and nice people, who encourage me to be more confident and be a better self. I love Vis! I love my coaches and teammates!

Wang Chengyue
It is the most amazing competition that I have ever participated. It helps you to better understand and analyze a case, to improve your English substantially and to train you a good advocacy manner. But it also requires lots of efforts. You have to handle the competition and the lectures at the same time. It also helps you to better manage your time. Last but not least, you will have wonderful teammates and coaches to go along with you during this lengthy journey.

Li Xiaojing
The Vis Moot journey is the most unforgettable experience I have ever had. It had a positive impact on my abilities, such as an improvement in my logical thinking, competency in writing legal documents and pleadings, teamwork skills, better body language and even for my personal development. Vis Moot helped me to become more confident in myself and become more professional.

Chen Jing
Vis is a great thing, not only for improvement of research skills and public speaking skills, but also for developing friendships and fostering a practice of self-reflection. The team members worked with lawyers and arbitrators and received feedback from the coaches after every round. This provided us with the opportunity to improve our oral pleading skills, refine our arguments and find relevant legal authorities needed to support any case. What’s more, this competition required the eight of us, the two professor coaches and student coaches to join forces and work towards the same end goal. As a result, a special bond has formed between us all. And this bond, because of the memories that we share and cherish, will not end when Vis East 2018 is over. I believe that team members of the CESL Vis Team will also benefit in the future from the valuable moments that Vis offered this year.

Zheng Yan
Vis was such an amazing experience for me. It is Vis that taught me how to cooperate with other people in pursuit of the same goal. It is Vis that taught me how to overcome my fear and limitations and that our potential really is without limit. It is Vis that taught me how to develop more effective communication, which will be very helpful in the future. It is through Vis that I discovered my passion for and persistent pursuit of my career. After this experience, I have committed myself to international litigation and arbitration practice and really hope that I will do my best to contribute all I have to offer in this field.

SUN Leimeng
For me, the Vis Moot experience can be summarised as follows: half a year, eight students, one 55 page-long case, two great coaches, two helpful student coaches, four memorandums, six legal instruments and three cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong). Vis taught me how to analyse a case carefully, how to find relevant legal authorities more efficiently, how to write a professional legal memorandum and how to speak coherently as a lawyer before an arbitral tribunal. Through Vis I have also learned the importance of teamwork. I believe our team was one of the most united amidst 130 teams from all over the world. Eight of us in particular have become very good friends with the professors and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent together. Vis Moot is the most precious treasure I have ever acquired. I really hope that the CESL Vis Moot Team will become even stronger in the future!  

Wang Xiaotong
Being a ‘mootie’ gives you the chance to experience a magical world and discover who you really are and what you can achieve. Everything about you is amplified, your strengths and weaknesses, your passions and fears and through the teamwork and the challenges you face together, you get to realise your true potential. What's more, it is where the most precious memories as part of campus life are made. VIS is about friendship, about trust and about love.

Yang Weiming
The experience of participating in the Vis Moot not only offered me practice in legal research and in intensive reading but also taught me how to communicate with people effectively. From the syllogistic memorandum writing at the beginning to the narrative of a case at the end, I have witnesses major improvements in my writing, public speaking and dialectical thinking. What’s more, I came to realise how passionate and powerful pro-active thinking and speaking during the actual competition can be. With the instructions offered by the coaches and the support of my teammates, together we created a once in a lifetime memory.

Yue Peng
Vis Moot is indeed a demon. Six months’ preparation makes everyone feel exhausted. Whether reading, eating or sleeping, you find yourself somehow always focused on VIS. It is tough but because of this it is worthwhile and no one could ever forget it. However Vis Moot isn’t just about the hard work. It enables anyone who participates to gain confidence. It convinces us that as long as you do your best, all challenges can be overcome. It teaches participants marvelous skills, such as how to analyse complex problems, how to express yourself coherently and how to work as a team. Six months’ practice actually makes everybody feel invigorated. Let me end with this statement, if you like somebody, let him join Vis, if you hate somebody, also let him join Vis. It is definitely the best experience you could ever get in law school.

Yang Sijie
My personal experience with Vis taught me that a qualified arbitration lawyer would primarily focus on the long-term preparation before the oral hearing. Steady work on case memorandum can provide the confidence necessary to easily improvise during the subsequent oral presentation. I also learned that a good rival is a blessing in disguise because he or she will force you to analyse the entire case and dig out forgotten yet useful legal authorities. Anyway, it was a fabulous journey with my excellent teammates. They taught me how to cooperate with everyone to optimise the success of the whole team.

Meng Fanqin

Vis Moot was such an amazing experience which has changed my life. As a former debater, I used to focus on flowery language and agitative speech. Vis Moot taught me that without precise logic and solid facts, this cannot make sense in legal practice. The six-month training and the competition have confirmed my ideal to be a lawyer devoting myself to litigation and arbitration.

Liu Qianning

Because of Vis, I travelled to Korea, Shanghai and Hong Kong, I immersed myself in the library enjoying the fun of law and I learned how to perform as a real counsel before the arbitral tribunal. There were times we revised our memo again and again before deadline; times we got up at 4 am to take the plane and times we read our case files in the midnight plane with our red eyes. There were also times I did oral practice and recorded myself in bed all night before pleadings. I feel so grateful for what I have learned and I hope I can do more to inspire and help others who might need me for Vis.

Zhao Min

Vis taught me how to win a game and how to get my idea perfectly accepted by others. Days of working late to finish memorandums made me realise that humans are like ten-speed bicycles, and most of us have gears we never use. From dancing with my favorite practitioners in this field, it seems that everything you can imagine is real in Vis. I cannot name all the things Vis gave me, but I am sure that Vis offered many things that I could have hardly benefitted from in any other experience. All in all, it will be a memory engraved in my mind forever.

Tian Yu

Vis Moot is not only an international competition, but also an educational programme and an unforgettable life experience. I continuously improved my legal research and pleading skills and memo writing abilities. Most importantly, I learned how to think like a lawyer: critically, without prejudgement, making sure that every argument is based on solid legal knowledge.

Zhu Yanan

"Before the Vis Moot competition, it was very hard for me to imagine that I can shake hands with, talk to and compete with students from all over the world. But now I did it, with the help of my dear couches, team members and the volunteers. This will definitely be my very precious life wealth.”

Ana Trigo

"As an arbitrator once told me, the argument made in an oral pleading is a journey to be made, and not only a destination you should hurriedly attempt to arrive at. I hope the next CESL moot team will fully embrace the journey to come and enjoy the ride.”

Gilbert Dadzie

"Participating in the moot was more than a six-month experience. It was a life changing event: an intercultural human experience, a formative and mentoring school as well as a combination of fun and hard work. This is a must for every law student's development. ”

Tan Qiujie

"One of the challenges in participating in the Vis Moot is to extract useful information from the moot problem which has more than 60 pages, and has to be analysed on behalf of the claimant or respondent. Interpreting law provisions is necessary. But understanding the spirit of those provisions is even more important. We have to understand the clients’ behavior. This is a huge challenge for law school students. Therefore, it was extremely helpful to consult lawyers, in-house counsels and even bank staff and I learned a lot.”

Lin Xi

"The Moot Court is like a diamond with facets reflecting many types of beauty. I lived through this experience with ‘no pain, no gain’ and ‘where there is a will there is a way’ as my motto. The biggest reward was that we – the mooties, coaches, manager, volunteers, alumni mooties, and opponent counsels – came this far together. Veni, vidi, vicimus.”

Zhang Junmin

"Participating in the Vis Moot is a magical journey, during which I gained capacity of working under pressure and I made new friends from all over the world. The most important thing is that what I once imagined became reality. Many thanks to everyone who helped us. They made us to discover more potential in the Vis and made us really proud of CESL. ”

Zhao Chunlei

"I was so happy, so lucky and so proud to be a member of the CESL Vis Team in 2013-2014. Here, I found my favourite field of law, amazing friendships and a new life stage. I will never forget the sweat, tears and night work I did for Vis, and I will never forget the laughter, happiness and the pride, just as I will remember forever the announcements of the name "China-EU School of Law" after every knock-out round. I believe Vis is just the starting point and I will continue working in arbitration”

Li Kaixu

"During the lengthy, six-month preparation for the Vis moot, I finally realized what helped me to win that game: the key of arbitration is serving the arbitral tribunal. In contrast to giving a speech, being a qualified moot oralist requires you to know how to give appropriate response to the questions raised by the arbitrators and it also requires good advocacy skills. The teams do focus on intellectual work, but arbitration is also a lot about acting and presenting.