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Curriculum and faculty

The CESL PhD programme is designed to provide an overview of China’s legal system following the 1978 market reforms. Classes will also be specialized by doctoral supervisors in the students’ area of specialization. Full-time professors are from CUPL, while part-time professors are outstanding scholars from renowned universities in Beijing, Taipei and the United States.


CESL doctoral supervisors

Jiang Ping Commercial Law

Zhang Baosheng Evidence Law

Fang Liufang Commercial Law

Zheng Yongliu Jurisprudence

Li Shuguang Insolvency Law


Duration of study: three years.


Degree conferred: on graduation students will be awarded a doctorate from CUPL.


Application Procedure

Please refer to the Information for International applicants to the 2016 Master and PhD Programme on the CUPL Graduate School website (http://yjsy.cupl.edu.cn/graduate-admissions/c34/2266/)