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Chinese Business Law

This course provides students with a brief introduction to Chinese Business Law and provides them with an insight into Chinese Business Law in practice. Students learn about the legal aspects of the Chinese economy and Chinese legislation relevant to doing business in China.

Chinese Law and Society

Law and society interact with each other. This course sheds light on the background of policies, interest groups and cultural values that influence the application of law in China. Real cases will be studied in lectures and discussions to analyse regulations and court proceedings dealing with fundamental individual rights.

Chinese Criminal Justice

This course presents an overview of the Chinese Criminal Justice system; mainly its organisation and function. Additionally, the course discusses the role criminal justice plays in Chinese society and how Chinese criminal justice reflects fundamental Chinese norms and values.

Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law

This course takes a close look at recent developments of Competition Law in China focusing on the implementation of the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) since its enactment in 2007.

Chinese Administrative Law and Regulation

This course provides an introduction into the general administrative law of China. The course concentrates on the following themes: 1) legal framework, 2) substantive law, 3) procedural law and 4) legal remedies against administrative action.

Comparative Constitutional Law, Susan Wintermuth


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