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Clemens Richter

European Executive Co-Dean of the China-EU School of Law

Dr Clemens Richter has studied law at the University of Leipzig (1999-2004) and graduated in 2004 with the first state examination (master equivalent). After his graduation he worked as a research fellow at the Institute of European Law, Public International Law and Comparative Public Law at the University of Leipzig starting from 2005 and served as a member of the commission of study affairs of the faculty of law. He received a PhD in law (Dr. iur.) in 2010 from the same institution. The publication of the PhD-thesis on "Collapsed States" (Nomos: 2011) has been co-funded by a scholarship of the German Foreign Ministry. He was awarded a "Magister Legum Europaei" degree (LL.M.Eur.) as a continuing learning master specialising in European Union Law and International Law. Between 2009 and 2011 Dr. Richter completed his legal clerkship before the District Court of Lübeck. He took the bar exam (ass. iur.) at the GPA Hamburg. Since February 2012 Dr. Richter has held a position as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of International Affairs at the University of Hamburg before he was appointed European Executive Co-Dean of CESL in 2014.

In the course of his professional career Clemens Richter was a visiting student and a visiting researcher at the University of Nanjing (China), the Xiamen Academy of International Law (China), the Hague Academy of International Law (The Netherlands) and the Erik Castren Institute of the University of Helsinki (Finland). He was a guest lecturer at Westbengal National University of Juridical Sciences/Kolkata (India) and worked as a guest lecturer in German procedural law at City University London between 2009 and 2012 on a regular basis. During his legal clerkship Dr. Richter was deputised to the scientific service of the German Parliament (Bundestag) for three consecutive months.

Dr. Richter has experience as lecturer in the field of German public, European and public international law, he has been an examiner in the first state examination and a supervisor and examiner of master theses. In 2014 he served as a member of a working group, reforming professional training for civil servants at the Civil Servant's Academy of Saxony (AVS), a professional training academy of the regional ministry of internal affairs.

The research interests of Clemens Richter lay in the fields of European Law, Public International Law, Legal Philosophy and Comparative Law. He has published mainly in the fields of public international law, European constitutional law and legal philosophy. Apart from his academic work he is registered as a lawyer with the bar of Saxony and is qualified as a mediator and negotiator. Clemens Richter is fluent in German and English as working languages and has a basic command of French and Chinese.