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​CESL Alumni Interview: Zhao Chunlei

Zhao Chunlei graduated from the China-EU School of Law (CESL) in 2015, with a degree in “Chinese Law” from the China University of Political Science and Law and a degree in “European and International Law” from Universität Hamburg. After graduation, she went to Maastricht University for her doctorate where her supervisor is Prof. Peter Van den Bossche, member of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

1. In your opinion, how has your time at CESL helped or influenced you? Are there any unforgettable experiences?

My learning experience at CESL has opened the door to a new world, a world which not only enhances my knowledge so far but also offers me a brighter future.

Vis Moot is my most unforgettable experience as parttaking has benefited me a lot. It helped me to find the field of work I want to pursue in my life and through it I have made life-long friends. Plus the coach helped me to grow as a person in many ways outside the sphere of mooting.

2. What’s your opinion on studying further for a doctor’s degree? In your opinion, what qualities do you need for further study for a doctor’s degree, at home or abroad?

Compared to working, studying further for a doctor’s degree sounds more relaxing but it’s actually not. You must have considerable interest in your chosen topic and field of study. More importantly, without persistence it is hard to go on so self-discipline is also of critical importance.

3. Why did you chooseMaastricht University out of so many famous foreign universities? Has it had any influence on your career?

I chose Maastricht University in the end because of the excellent supervision I would have there. My doctoral supervisors, Prof. Peter Van den Bossche and Dr Denise Prevost, have profound knowledge, charming personalities and great influence in the relevant fields. Thus, upon receipt of the offer, I undoubtedly chose Maastricht University.

4. What is your learning schedule and life like while you are studying further for the doctor’s degree?

I am in PhD Grade 3 now. I basically spend the majority of time writing papers but my exact schedule is not set, which is one of the greatest differences with this work.

5. Do you have any suggestions for those currently learning at CESL?

I hope that they can take advantage of the learning opportunities at CESL in order to successfully improve their knowledge and develop their ability. I hope that they can cherish the precious fellowship and student-teacher relationships which are such a privilege at CESL. I also hope that any time spent at CESL will become a wonderful chapter in everyone’s memory.

Written and Translated by Gao Xiuwen(2017 double master student)

Photo from Zhao Chunlei (2015 CESL graduate)