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Xu Shenjian

Professor of Law at the China University of Political Science and Law

Dr. XU Shenjian is a Professor of Law and the Dean of the School of Juris Master, China University of Political Science and Law. He once was the Director of the Institute of Legal Ethics and the Director of Institute of Experiential Legal Education. He is now the Vice-President and General Secretary of China Legal Writing Society, the Deputy Director of China Committee of the Chinese Clinical Legal Educators and the Deputy Director of China Committee of Moot Court. He is also the Arbitrator of several arbitration commissions in China.

He is the author or Co-author of over 20 books, and his research fields include Legal Ethics, Procedural Law, Experiential Legal Education , Judicial System and Legal Writing.

He was Visiting Professor in Kyungpook National University of Korea,MacGeorge School of Law, Washington College of Law in the US, University of Lisbon Law School in Portugal, University of Zagreb in Republic of Croatia, and University of Pompeu Fabra in Spain. He has taught English courses in above Law Schools. He was also a visiting scholar at Oxford University and Law School of New York University.