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Shavana Musa

Lecturer at The University of Manchester

Dr. Shavana Musa is a Lecturer in international law, security and human rights at The University of Manchester and a Fulbright Scholar in Cyber Security at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington D.C. She is also Founder of Ontogeny Global, a revolutionary risk management firm. Her main areas of expertise are security law and policy, risk management and human rights. She has worked extensively on business and human rights, the law and practice surrounding reparation for victims of armed conflict, as well as on the regulation of the arms trade, cyber security and autonomous weapons systems. Currently, she is conducting a project on systemising human rights within the international investment regime, as well as being engaged in tackling modern slavery and child labour. She has worked for various international organisations, such as the UN, and regularly consults for governments, NGOs and businesses. She has also held Visiting Fellowships at The University of Cambridge and the European University Institute.