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Newsletter Issue 14, January. 2017





中方联席院长刘飞教授,欧方执行院长Clemens Richter博士

Dear readers,

Starting the new year 2017, we would like to convey to you a few thoughts on our China-EU school of Law community.

At the China-EU School of Law, there were many reasons to rejoice in 2016: highly committed and bright students as well as excellent legal scholars and practitioners. Our 2016 graduates entering the job market again with a 96 % employment rate within three months. Interesting elective courses in Europe for our Master's students and the larger 2016 “Chinese Law Taught in English” student intake. Our active participation in the new high-level EU-China Legal Affairs Dialogue. New research grants and fruitful conferences such as the “E-Commerce Law Forum” you can read about in this newsletter.

There were also many reasons to be grateful due to our supporters, colleagues and friends. So, most of all, we say thank you! For your interest in our work.

We wish you an inspiring and successful 2017!

Prof. Liu Fei, Chinese Co-Dean, and Dr Clemens Richter, Executive European Co-Dean

Photo: CESL



Transforming China’s E-Commerce Law

China’s future E-Commerce Law was the focus of discussions between over 50 legal scholars and senior experts from companies and governmental authorities from China and Europe who gathered at the BUPT Hotel in Beijing on 20 October for the China-EU School of Law’s 2016 Academic Conference “E-Commerce Law Forum”. The agenda also featured a comparison to other worldwide legislative approaches on e-commerce.More

Photo: CESL/Lu Shenglei



Conference: Brexit – What does it have to do with China?

On 6 December 2016, the China-EU School of Law organised a conference on the topic of “Legal Implications of the Brexit and its Impact on China”. Approximately 50 participants took part in the discussions on this very topical subject. Although Brexit may not have a direct impact on China, it will have far-reaching, indirect implications in numerous legal areas.More...

Photo: CESL


2016年10月24日(星期一),18名参与中国政法大学中欧法学院一学期“英文讲授中国法”项目的欧洲学生和9名中国学生正在明法楼210室参加“比较宪法”课程。该课程是由谢立斌教授与另一位特聘教授Susan-Gale Wintermuth一起讲授的。阅读更多...

"I wanted something more exotic than Europe"

Erasmus in Madrid? Not interesting enough. Polish law student Bartosz Krysiak decided to spend his semester abroad studying Chinese law in Beijing.More


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