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Legal talents meet at the opening of the 2016 CESL Summer Camp

"Welcome to the China-EU School of Law!", Meng Fanqin, a 2015 double master graduate, greets over 60 students on 13 July 2016 at the opening ceremony of the 2016 CESL Summer Camp. Two of the students who had come to the starters week to form their own opinion about the Chinese-European law school delivered a speech. Wang Yingxue, a student from Southwest Jiaotong University, talked about her impression of CESL: “I am impressed by the charm, the enthusiasm, the rigour and the inclusive attitude here at the China-EU School of Law.” Zhan Xiaoxian, a student from Beijing Forestry University, expressed his thankfulness to the organisers for their meticulous care. Then he told the students why he chose and wants to adhere to the study of law from his own experience.



Subsequently, Prof. Liu Fei, the Chinese Co-Dean, and Dr Clemens Richter, the European Executive Co-Dean, delivered their speeches. They described CESL as a unique institution which is supported by 16 universities and education organisations in China and European which offers professional training, colorful student activities and a series of international legal lectures etc. They also talked about the employment rates of previous CESL graduates – between 96 and 100 per cent of CESL students found a job immediately after graduation in the last three years – which the students in the audience cared most about.



Prof. Zheng Yongliu then encouraged students to become an international legal person. He explained the current situation of international legal talents and emphasised that there will be an urgent need for legal talents with a mature consciousness of globalisation and an international perspective in the Chinese society. CESL provides an open platform for students with its comparative study programmes, he stressed.


Before the ceremony at CESL, the students had taken part in the summer camp opening ceremony of the China University of Political Science and Law at Xueyuan Road Campus. Vice-President Prof. Ma Huaide, the Dean of the Graduate School Prof. Li Shuguang spoke to the students. Prof. Zhu Weiyi gave a short lecture on Securities Law. He introduced the Duty of Loyalty in Company Law and Fiduciary Duty in the United States. He also explained the importance of disclosure obligations as well as relevant case studies. Students said that they benefited a lot from this class.


Written by Wang Hao