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The Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) electives started smoothly

On the morning of 6 March, CESL launched a pre-departure training for the Austrian electives project. Professor Liu Fei,the Chinese Co-Dean of the China-EU School of Law(CESL),the Vice-Chairman of the Party Committee (Mrs.Yin),and two administrative teachers (Ma Anna and Li Xiaolu),attended the training.

First of all, Ma Anna, an administrative teacher,spoke about the valuable experience and lessons of the previous elective courses according to the content of the overseas commitment letter. Then, Li Xiaolu, another administrative teacher, went over the safety elements of the trip and suggested that students pay attention to the relevant websites and emergency calls of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Later, the Vice-Chairman of the Party Committee (Mrs.Yin) summarised the speeches of both teachers and reminded the students that they are representing CESL and China, and as such they should be conscious of their behaviour abroad. Finally, the Chinese Co-Dean ofCESL, Professor Liu Fei, spoke. He first congratulated students on their participation in the Austrian project. He expressed his hope that they would mind their safety on the trip, pay attention in their elective lessons and help each other. Lastly, he wished everyone a goodtime and to make good memories during the elective project.

The Austrian team arrived in Vienna to start their studies.

At 6 o'clock in the morning on 7March 2019, after nearly 13 hours of flight, 10 CESL students who were to participate in the Austrian elective programme in the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) arrived in Vienna smoothly. A two-month European law elective course would begin.

On the morning of 11 March, Professor Harald Eberhard and Ms. Jeannie Schranz of WU had breakfast with the10 students of the Vienna project and introduced the fundamental information of WU and the CESL project. We presented small gifts such as Chinese papercut-outs to Professor Harald Eberhard and Ms. Jeannie Schranz. After breakfast, accompanied by Ms. Jeannie Schranz, the students completed the registration and visited the Vienna University of Economics and Management.

In terms of learning, there are three elective courses in this Vienna project. Among them, the Tax Treaty Law is based on the OECD Model Convention with Respect to Taxes on Income and on Capital for solving the double taxation problem. The fundamental content of the elective course European Economics Law is basically covered in the compulsory courses at CESL. Our students studied Business Tax Law with students from the Vienna University of Economics and Management. This courseis difficult and therefore requires students to already have relevant knowledge of European Tax Law.

In terms of daily life–and due to the demands of the studies–spare time was spent visiting the scenic spots and historical sitesin Vienna. We observed the distinctive Baroque architecture along the Danube Riverand also tasted the locally featured pork cutlets and wines which were very delicious.

The elective courses of CESL this year are successively held in partner schools in Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Germany and Hungary.The Hungarian, Swedish, Dutch and German groups will commence in due course.We hope that all exchange students will thrive during their time onthe elective course.