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Beijing elective course examines Cross-Border Investment

The 2018 elective course of the Master of EU and International law began in Beijing on 10 April 2018. This course, "Cross-Border Investment", lasted for two weeks until 20 April 2018. "It was a short, but a high-intensity course", one student said afterwards.

Dr Rainer Kulms and CESL elective students

Dr Rainer Kulms was the lecturer, who is a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg, Germany. What's more, he is a Lecturer of Law at the University of Hamburg and Editor-in-Chief of the European Business Organization Law Review. Three more Assistant Professors tutored: Dr Nicolas Soelter, Nick Hallemesch and Zurab Gvelesiani.

Dr Nicolas Soelter and CESL elective students

"Cross-Border Investment" was elaborated in seven chapters, including cross-border investment patterns, merger and acquisition (M&A), joint ventures and ancillary Contracts, friendly and hostile take-overs, investment control and so on.

Nick Hallemeesch and CESL elective students

Furthermore, so that students could deepen the theory, several tutorials were arranged. In these tutorials, students discussed the cases actively.

Zurab Gvelesiani and CESL elective student

All in all, after the concentrated two-week elective course, the students fully understood the basic knowledge and the operating process of cross-border investment, which also provide them with a new possible future career choice.