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Brief Review of the Beijing Elective Course

In April and May, nine China-EU School of Law (CESL) students attend the four-week Elective Course in Beijing. From 19 to 27 April, Dr Rainer Kulms, a Senior Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg, Germany, gave a lecture concerning Cross-Border Investment. Based on Cross-Border Investments statistics, Dr Kulms analysed different patterns and strategies of Chinese foreign investments. Then he focused on issues of Merger and Aquisitions agreements, due dilligence, directors’ duties and so on. He also talked about investment control towards national security and state-owned companies. He introduced EU takeover law to us as well as hostile takeovers and merger control. Dr Kulms illustrated every topic with a case, which was helpful to understand the issues. Tutorials were given by Drs Nick Hallemeesch and Dr Alessandro Romano. Drs Hallemeesch asked us to discuss voting agreements, inalienability clause, change of control clause and so on between shareholders of joint ventures. Dr Romano asked us to discuss M & A consequences and advantages and disadvantages of investment control. Later on, students present the topics they had chosen to fellow students who graded their work. All in all,this course made students realise how interesting and complex Cross-Border Investmentis. This willbe helpful for career planning.

Article by Li Zhipeng (CESL Double Master's students from the 2015 intake)