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Electives: Meeting a former EU Court of Justice judge

Ten China-EU School of Law Chinese LL.M. students are taking elective courses at Europa-Kolleg Hamburg in April and May. They arrived at Hamburg at 10 pm on 10 April. Du Ruyi, a PhD candidate in law at the University of Hamburg and a China-EU School of Law alumnus and Ursula Zipperer, China-EU School of Law communications officer, picked up the students at the airport and led them to their dormitories.

Professors and students of Europa-Kolleg Hamburg welcomed the elective course students at 2 pm on 11 April. Students started their first course at 9:30 am on 12 April. The students were quite active both inside and outside the classroom, they enjoyed discussing law related questions with the professors. Prof. Dr Peter Behrens, Professor of Law emeritus from the University of Hamburg and Managing Director of the Institute for Integration Research of the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, is one of their lecturers.

At 2 pm on 12 April, students took part in a guided library tour to University of Hamburg Faculty of Law library. They also met Prof. Dr Hinrich Julius, Professor of Law at the University of Hamburg and China-EU School of Law project coordinator.

Students also took part in the lectures at Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, communicating with the lecturer and other exchange students from other countries.

Moreover, students had the chance to experience Hamburg as an international centre for law and a legal hub noted for its internationalism. In a lecture followed by an informal meeting on 25 April, they met Prof. Dr Ninon Colneric, German former judge at the European Court of Justice, and Prof. Dr Thomas Bruha, Professor of Law emeritus from the University of Hamburg and Europa-Kolleg, who were both former European Co-Deans of the China-EU School of Law. They shared their profound insights on European law.

On 26 April, students visited the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg. At the visit, they got a guided tour by press officer Benjamin Benirschke. The Tribunal was established by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and entered into force in Hamburg in 1996.

Article by Zhao Xiaomei (CESL Double Master's student from the 2015 intake)