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Nonprofit Organisations Class At Dacheng Dentons Law Offices

In the afternoon of 1November 2016, the China-EU School of Law’s Chinese students and international students taking the Nonprofit Organisations course visited Dacheng Dentons Law Offices. Eva Niu, Partner of Dentons Beijing LLP, Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University, who had been contacted by CESL’s professor Dr Qi Hong, delivered a wonderful speech titled The Practice in the Non-profit Sector in China  to all students.

Initially, Eva asked the students why they chose this course, starting the lecture and setting a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere.Then, sheasked students to consider the differences between nonprofit organisations (“NPO”) and nongovernmental organisations (“NGO”), making them to gain a deeper understanding of those two definitions. Next, Eva elaborated the main types of nonprofit organisations within China’s legal framework, and clarified the strengths and dilemma of different nonprofit organisations in practical operation. Finally, based on the newly enacted Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Foreign NGO’s Activities within China in 2016, Eva moderated a heated discussion with students on some hot and difficult issues regarding this law.

During the lecture, Eva also invited her colleague Steve Hwang, who comes from the US, to share his experience of pursuing acareer in the nonprofit organisations sector in China. Plenty of students showed strong interests and asked questions actively. Steve answered with great patience.The atmosphere was lively and pleasant, and everyone enjoyed it.


After the visit, students said this trip is of great significance, and that they had acquired much valuable knowledge.

By Zhou Lu (CESL double master’s student fromthe2015 intake)