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The CESL Vis Moot Team for 2023-2024 has been selected with seven new highly qualified team members. The recruitment and selection ended on August 19, 2023, after two workshops and interviews during the summer. The workshops helped prepare the applicants for the memorandum that was part of the application and selection process and answered their questions about the program. This was the first year that such workshops were offered, and they were well received and seemed to have produced very good results.

The new team members from top left to bottom are Song Dailin, Chi Jing, Yu Yue, Xu Rongshan, Wang Weiran, Wang Chenxi and Lyu Lingqi. This year's coaching team is led by Prof. Susan Wintermuth and Prof. Monty Silley, with previous outstanding team members acting as coaches: Que Linyao, Zhao Min, Liu Qianning, Zheng Yan, Tao Zhilin, Liu Lusheng, Yi Chen, Zhao Ziyuan, Zhang Ruohan, Shu Xin, Ma Wentao, Wu Yuzhuo, Feng Shuyue, Wang Xuan, and Liu Yufeng.

Vis Moot is known as "The Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot", which is the largest international commercial arbitration moot competition. It is divided into the Vis Moot in Vienna, Austria, and the Vis East Moot in Hong Kong, China. The teams are free to register for either. If a university has two teams, they are also free to send one to Hong Kong and one to Vienna. These are the final competitions and take place each year in March or April.

The Vis Moot team is in part sponsored by the Global Law Office, which is represented by Senior Partner Wang Zhongcheng and Of Counsel Meng Fanqin. The law firm has been a wonderful support also donating resource materials, such as six rare and original international arbitration reference books. We are deeply appreciative of the Global Law Firm.

The new Vis Moot team had their first meeting on August 27, 2023 in Mingfa Building on Changping campus. The meeting is presented by Prof. Susan Wintermuth, Of Counsel Meng Fanqin, previous team members Wang Xuan, Ma Wentao, Feng Shuyue and all members of this year’s team. After self-introduction, the team members further arranged the timeline and assignment for the program.

The first stop of the Vis Moot journey will start at the “CIETAC Cup” in November 2023. “CIETAC Cup” is not only domestic qualification trial for Vis Moot, but also the first recognized pre-competition in the world. Let’s wish the team brilliant performance.

News | Yu Yue
Photo | Song Dailin, Wang Xuan