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CESL Advances to the Global Round in India

On 20 August 2023, the FDI Moot Chinese Regional Round in Shenzhen reached a successful conclusion. China-EU School of Law(CESL) of the Chinese University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) showed a winning performance, placing Second Runner-Up and advancing to the Global Round in India. The Global Round will be held in person 2 – 5 November 2023.

Li Jianhui, Partner of Han Kun Law Offices Awards the Second Runner-Up to the CESL Team

(From left are Lin Ziyu, Zhang Ruohan, Yun Xiangyun, Wu Yuzhuo, Li Jianhui, Li Xianglong, Mei Qian, Wang Xuan, Zhang Meiyun, Zhao Huihui)

The Award Ceremony

More than 41 teams and 300 oralists from different universities all around China attended this year’s competition. The first online general round was held from 12 August to 13 August. CESL was successfully promoted to the top 8 after the two-day competition. On the morning of 19 August, CESL, as Claimant, went against CUPL (undergraduate), Zhang Meiyun pleaded first with respect to the procedural issues. The professionalism and sobriety of Ms. Zhang deeply impressed the tribunal. After the procedural issues, Wu Yuzhuo conducted a logical and sufficient pleading regarding the merits part, convincing the three arbitrators. After discussion, the tribunal announced CESL as the winner, promoting the team to the PRC Top four.

In the afternoon, CESL, as Respondent, went against Renmin University of China. Facing the challenging questions raised by the tribunal, the two oralists, Li Xianglong, charging procedural issues, and Wu Yuzhuo, charging merits issues, both gave concise and responsive answers. CESL was finally announced as the second runner-up of the FDI Moot Shenzhen 2023.

CESL Oralists on the Eighth Final (From left are Wu Yuzhuo, Zhang Meiyun)

The Eighth Final (CESL Team, CUPL Team, and the tribunal)

CESL Oralists on the Quarter-Final (From left are Li Xianglong, Wu Yuzhuo)

The Quarter-Final (CESL Team, Renmin University Team, and the tribunal)

This year, the CESL FDI Moot Team consists of six team members, with three oralists, Li Xianglong, Wu Yuzhuo, and Zhang Meiyun, as well as three researchers, Lin Ziyu, Wang Xuan, and Yun Xiangyun. Presently they are all pursuing a double-master’s degree at CESL. During the four months from spring to summer, all the team members, with the assistance of the coaches, showed their devotion, enthusiasm, and pressure-resistance, and ended up with a bumper harvest. Professor Monty Silley and Professor Susan Wintermuth are the coaches of the team. Four student coaches include Tao Zhilin, Zhao Huihui, Mei Qian, and Zhang Ruohan. The student coaches were all previous oralists of the CESL FDI Moot Team.

CESL FDI Moot Team

In November 2023, the FDI Moot Global Round will be held in Lucknow, India. We wish the best success of the CESL Team!

News | Yun Xiangyun, 2022 double-master in CESL
Translation | Zhang Ruohan, 2021 double master in CESL
Photoes | FDI Moot Shenzhen 2023 Committee