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China-EU School of Law Wins the Third Prize in the 20th International Commercial Arbitration Moot

The CIETAC International Commercial Arbitration Moot organized by China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) aims to facilitate the cultivation of legal talents in international arbitration. Meanwhile, by virtue of the simultaneous introduction of Vis Moot problems and simulations, it aims to extend the influence of the arbitration system in China and enhance students’ legal professionalism and practical skills in arbitration.

The 20th International Commercial Arbitration Moot was held online during November 28 to November 30, 2022, attracting 93 teams from universities at home and abroad and more than 1,000 competitors. After four rounds of fierce competitions, the China-EU School of Law (CESL) team won the third prize among the 93 teams. The CESL school is part of China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing and is co-funded by the EU and the P.R.China.

The CESL team was coached by Professor Susan Wintermuth and the European Executive Dean Monty Silley, with former members Meng Fanqin, Que Linyao, Zhao Min, Liu Qianning, Zheng Yan, Tao Zhilin, Liu Lusheng and Yi Chen as co-coaches. The team members are Zhao Zewei, Zhang Ruhan, Wu Yuqin, Feng Shuyue, Liu Yufeng, Wang Xuan, Ma Wentao and Shu Xin. This year, the team was honored to receive sponsorship and support from Beijing Global Law Office.

Since the release of the problem in early October, the team members have been devoting themselves to the preparation for the competition, divided into two groups responsible for the procedural part and merits part respectively. Through elaborate and sophisticated research and reading, numerous hours of brainstorming and repeated revisions, the team finally completed the Legal Memoranda for both the Claimant and the Respondent. During the whole process of memo writing, Professor Susan Wintermuth kept providing the team with detailed and inspiring guidance, replying to all the questions raised by the team members at the first time.

(Team members in the first hearing: LIU Yufeng and WANG Xuan)

During the week before the oral hearings, the members of the CESL team kept polishing up their arguments, adjusting expressions and practicing tribunal courtesies. Meanwhile, they also conducted several mock competitions with teams from Beijing Normal University and Southwest University of Finance and Economics as well as within the team. Professor Susan Wintermuth and former members of the CESL team including Mr. Meng Fanqin, Mr. Liu Lusheng, Mr. Zheng Yan, as well as Ms. Zhao Chunlei, the coach of the Vis Team from Tsinghua University, gave full support to the team by playing the role of arbitrators and providing valuable advice to each team member in terms of argument elaboration, speech speed, courtesies and teamwork.

(Team members in the second and fourth hearings: WU Yuzhuo and SHU Xin)

The oral hearing includes two sections: pleading and rebuttal/surrebuttal. During the four rounds of competition, members of the CESL team presented their arguments clearly and skillfully, response calmly to questions raised by the arbitrators, and grasped the loopholes in the arguments of the other party accurately in the rebuttal. Despite the fact that the team members were parted far away from each other and had to participate on their own devices, they showed a good sense of teamwork throughout the competition. Apart from the clear division of work during the hearings, they encouraged each other, pointed out the weaknesses in the performance of other members, and made all efforts to help other members adjust and rehearse after each hearing. Thanks to that, the performance of the four rounds showed a promising trend of continuous improvement.

(Team members in the second and fourth hearings: FENG Shuyue and MA Wentao)

Under the double pressure of heavy schoolwork and intensive preparation for the competition, the team members have done their best in the competition and finally won a good result. More importantly, this meaningful journey has elevated the mentality, oral proficiency and legal thinking of every team member and further enhanced the solidarity of the team.

(Practice and discussion before the competition)

The CESL team is going on to participate in Vis East and Vis Vienna. Wish them the best of luck!

News | SHU Xin

Photo | SHU Xin, LIU Yufeng, FENG Shuyue