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China-EU School of Law holds 2021 Student Gala

On the evening of April 29, 2021, the atmosphere in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Changping campus Student Activity Center was warm, and the 2021 Gala of China-EU Law School was held as usual. In the face of intense schoolwork, the Chinese and European students carefully planned and choreographed all the programs. Monty Silley, Executive Dean of the European side of the China-EU Law School, Professor Zheng Yongliu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Ms Yin Xiaohua, Ms Ma Anna, Ms Li Shuang, etc. all attended the evening event. The teachers and students gathered to watch a wonderful visual and audial feast of entertainment together.

The hosts of this evening party were: Li Xinyi, Liu Yiman, Fei Teng and Tao Shizhe.

Hosts (from left to right: Tao Shizhe, Liu Yiman, Li Xinyi, Fei Teng)

At 19:00, with the sound of the song "Psycho", the party kicked off with the brisk dance steps of the Sky Impression Dance Company. Deng Jinxin then displayed the vicissitudes of life in "Cruel Moonlight" to touch the heartstrings of the audience. Jia Shuxian, Yu Tianjiao, Chen Yingman, and Ren Linlin ignited the enthusiasm of the audience with youthful and passionate dances. After that, Zhang Chen and Deng Jinxin performed a classmates duet "I Want You” and “City of Stars", ingeniously demonstrating the collision of casual attitudes, chic life and the dreaming of romantic thoughts. Song Yan, Wang Zhenkun and other classmates next performed the skit "The Girl We Chased in Those Years". The outstanding language prowess and acting talent of CESL students cannot be underestimated! In Chen Yingman’s affectionate interpretation of "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together", Yang Youquan, who appeared in a wig and sunglasses, made a stunning appearance and pushed the atmosphere of the party to a high, with loud cheers and applause. Afterwards, Hu Yujie’s performed "Swallows without Rest” and “Catwalk Light and Pretty" which presented a cross between the classical and modern. This was an elegant and charming fusion for both the teachers and students. In addition to many wonderful performances, the directors of the party also set up three games, a "Tacit Understanding” competition, "I am the King of Singing" and a "Machine Tube" game. The impromptu reaction of the students involved became the cause of laughter in the audience.

Opening dance "Psycho

Zhang Chen and Deng Jinxin sing "I Want You” and “City of Stars"

Hu Yujie dance "Yan No Rest"

Yang Hequan and Chen Sakuraman sing "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Song Wei, Wang Zhenkun and others in the skit, "The Girl We Chased In Those Years"

Games: Tacit Understanding

At the end of the party, the 2020 first year class of CESL expressed their vision and blessings for the future in the form of a class chorus: the "Confession Balloon" and may you always have luck on the way to the pursuit of your original dream. Accompanied by the Spring and the Autumn, the years are fluttering, and looking back on those years, the friendships will last forever. With the host’s blessings, the CESL 2021 gala finally came to a conclusion.