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The Power of Change: How to be an International Legal Professional - The Lecture Series of “International Legal Professions” Session 14

On 18 December 2020, the China-EU School of Law (CESL) Lecture Series on “International Legal Professions” was successfully held in Room 305 of the Mingfa Building, on the Changping Campus of CUPL. Mr. LIN Genxiang, founding partner of Beijing Junxiang Law Firm, and adjunct professor at the School of Juris Master at CUPL, was invited to CESL to give a lecture for students on “The Power of Change: How to be an International Legal Professional”. The lecture was hosted by Professor ZHENG Yongliu from CESL.


The “International Legal Professions” Lecture Series was launched to carry out the educational goal of cultivating international legal professionals, as well as promote the diversification of curriculum and teaching resources. The speakers invited are all foreign legal professionals with many years of international work experience. Combined with his extensive experience, Mr. LIN spoke about how he entered foreign-related legal profession step by step. He encouraged students to break their inherent thinking, broaden their employment horizons, and strive to be excellent international legal professionals.

Mr. LIN said that when he was a criminal defense lawyer, he had already expanded his business field by actively learning about futures and securities. During the process, he founded Beijing Junxiang Law Firm, and then sought opportunities to establish good cooperative relationships with entities such as the Nevada Tourism Board, Limagrain, the French Embassy, the American Embassy and so on. He also represented the nation’s first case of Breach of Trust and Damage to the Interests of Listed Companies. Mr. LIN realized that if he wanted to stand out in the legal profession, he must have his own core competitiveness, get in touch with new fields, study new cases, and enhance his international vision.

When students asked about how to learn new knowledge, Mr. LIN pointed out that when facing a brand-new field, getting started is the most difficult. Find an appropriate orientation, and the harder you work, the easier it will be. About how to choose their own career, he believed that interest is the best guide. Build confidence step by step, be wise when facing different choices, and then it will help them find a most suitable job.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. LIN prepared some small souvenirs for students. The lecture came to a successful end with warm applause.

Writing | SONG Yan, 2020 Double Master, CESL
Photo | WENG Yan, ZHU Chenxu, 2020 Double Master, CESL
Translation | ZHAO Xin, 2020 Double Master, CESL