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Dean Silley Speaks at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

In December 2020, China-EU School of Law Executive Co-Dean Monty Silley visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University and gave a special lecture at the KoGuan School of Law.

Dean Silley's presentation was moderated by Professor Shen Wei as part of the Lecture Series on International Economic Law. The topic was "The Fight Against Cross-Border Corruption: Clashing Rules Around the World".


Co-Dean Monty Silley, an expert in international anti-corruption, first introduced students to different laws intended to prevent foreign bribery. This overview included an explanation of the US FCPA, the UK Bribery Act, and numerous other national laws, as well as international conventions against corruption and regulations by various international organizations.


He then showed how variations in the rules of different jurisdictions result in bribery cases being handled very differently. After exploring jurisdictional issues, the focus was on other critical aspects such as double jeopardy, compliance defenses and whistleblower actions. 

This was further analysed from a practical perspective, of how a multinational corporation must attempt to strategically navigate inconsistent international policies when presented with at times contradictory legal incentives. Attendees asked many thoughtful questions throughout the lecture and this led to an engaging extended discussion at the end.