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CESL’s New Activity: Students and Faculty discuss “About Law in the World”

CESL has currently offered its students and faculty a new opprotunity to meet and learn how important legal issues are handled in different places around the world. “About Law in the World” seminars are aimed at navigating recent and ineteresting law issues and looking at them through a comparative lense, by studying how they are addressed in various countries and regions. Organized by Prof. Monika Prusinowska as an online meeting, it is a floor for discussions, evaluating different approaches and also thinking about our own legal system.

The first “About Law in the World” meeting focused on how different countries have addressed Covid-19. We were looking at legal solutions, and in particular at the use of emergency powers by the State in the Covid times. Professors Susan Wintermuth and Co-Dean Monty Silley also attended and shared their thoughts.  We discussed, among other things, about the expectations from the State vis a vis health protection and rights that are limited when emergency powers are used.

We are looking forward to the next “About Law in the World” session!