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CESL’s 2020 Opening Ceremony

On the morning of September 10, 2020, the 2020 Opening Ceremony of the China-EU School of  Law was held in the Liu Huangfa Lecture Hall, Yifu Building, of the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing. All freshmen of the college attended the opening ceremony. Professor Liu Fei, the Chinese Co-Dean of CESL, Monty Silley, the European Executive Co-Dean, Professor Zheng Yongliu, the representative of the Chinese Law Faculty, and Monika Prusinowska, Assistant Professor of the European Law Faculty, all attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Ren Yushan, a 2019 double master student.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Ma Weiwen, a 2020 double master student, Zhang Xinzhe, a 2020 MEIL student, and Jiang Jiaying, a 2019 double master student, spoke as student representatives. Classmate Ma Weiwen expressed her feelings of becoming a graduate student at CESL. She talked about standing at a new starting point. As legal practitioners in the new era, students should practice the faith of law, always be grateful and make full use of the college’s resources. This platform provides the opportunity for continued progress and growth.

Student Zhang Xinzhe of the 2020 MEIL program expressed her expectations for studying and living while at CESL.

Classmate Jiang Jiaying then described her experiences with the curriculum of CESL, such as legal research and writing, moot courts, and a series of courses with CESL characteristics and values, to help everyone prepare for the new school year. The students' speeches described their true feelings from different angles, which aroused the resonance of the audience.

Later, Li Dong, an alumnus from the 2011 double master, told everyone his story with CESL through a video. He mentioned that the study and life of CESL have brought positive influences and great changes to his personality, abilities, work and other aspects. At CESL, students can fully exercise their learning abilities and get in touch with and understand the culture of different countries. He encouraged new students to clarify their goals, cherish the platform provided by CESL, and strive to improve their abilities.

Because of the epidemic situation, most foreign teachers could not attend the opening ceremony in person, but it does not affect their close concern for the students. Monika Prusinowska, Assistant Professor of European Law, gave the students a message of admission in the form of a video, expressing her good expectations for the students.

After that, Professor Zheng Yongliu, the representative of Chinese law professors, screened documentary footage of US Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, which stimulated everyone’s thinking about legal talent, and he encouraged the students of CESL to make full use of the resources of the School.

European Executive Co-Dean Monty Silley expressed his welcome to the new students. On the one hand, he encouraged them to meet the challenges, study hard, and serve as legal ambassadors between China and Europe in the future; on the other hand, students should also actively participate in extracurricular activities, make friends and have fun. He said that despite the inconveniences caused by the epidemic, the European law professors were determined to still provide excellent learning opportunities. In the end he welcomed the new classmates to the CESL family.

Finally, Professor Liu Fei, the Chinese Co-Dean, gave a speech. He introduced to the single master students the impact of elective courses in Europe under the influence of the epidemic, and said that despite the temporary obstacles caused by the epidemic, the China-EU School of Law serves as a legal and cultural exchange between China and Europe. The bridge will play a more important role in the future. He encouraged everyone to study, devote their energy to improving the level of legal English, and strive to improve their ability to handle foreign-related legal affairs. After that, he introduced the courses for the next three years to the double master students and encouraged everyone to prepare for the hard study and life. He pointed out that the training of dual masters is a requirement of the country for the training of foreign-related legal talents. Students must work hard to become outstanding talents and serve the legal cause.

After the formal ceremony, the administrative teachers of the college met with the class one by one, introduced the areas in which they were responsible, and expressed their good expectations of "working through wind and rain and making progress together" in the next three years.

The Opening Ceremony created a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. The words of the teachers and the suggestions of the seniors gave everyone a clearer direction for their future study and life. I wish that all the 2020 new students can progress and grow in CESL and live up to high expectations we have for them.

Contribution originally written in Chinese by Chen Renfeng, 2020 CESL double master student

Photo courtesy of Guan Jiaying, 2019 CESL double master student