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CESL Celebrates the New Year 2020

The China-EU School of Law at the China University of Political Science and Law celebrated the New Years a little earlier this year to make sure everyone could take part together. So on the evening of December 14, 2019, the whole law school community gathered under the theme of "Brilliant China-European Dream, Let's Meet Again" to have a New Year's Party for 2020. Co-Deans Liu Fei and Monty Silley, as well as Professor Zheng Yongliu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Yin Xiaohua, Ms. Ma Anna, Ms. Li Xiaolu and other teachers and staff attended the evening party.

At 7pm, the hall filled with students who watched a New Year's Day blessing video together and took in a photo slideshow from the past year. Afterwards, Sun Xiaoli, Chen Zhongqi, Shu Longqi and the ‘S Team’ dance group brought everyone a vibrant dance routine. Each dancer put in a lot of energy, ignited the audience and ensured a spirited atmosphere as the first performance.

A wonderful and humorous opening from the host made the students look forward to the next show.

Ye Yabing's pure and ethereal piano playing and Xu Shiyi's melodious and elegant violin performance combined lovely and beautiful rhythms, providing the audience a moment to nourish the soul's peace.

A most beautiful time in life is treasuring of the past. Dressed all in white, classmate Ma Ge paced and danced amidst the music, expressing her warm and lively memories of the old times through her graceful dancing moves.

Classmate Qin Tian performed "You at the Same Table" affectionately. The campus life is always so beautiful. Someone will always leave a deep and shallow footprint in the memory of our youth. Everyone will remember this song when they are reminded of their youth. The audience was also in the atmosphere of youthful feelings, as Qin Tian sang, the audience began waving their arms and holding up lights to pay tribute to the theme.

Next came a choir competition from the three class years of the double master’s programme. The first year students stole the show with their chorus song "Second Return to Seventeen" about the unique innocence of youth. “We Wish You a Merry Christmas" was a more brisk tune that was delivered together with matching dance actions. Another song "Kung Hei Fat Choi" makes the atmosphere of the party even more festive. Third year students also distributed some red envelopes containing New Year wishes to the audience.

In the performance of the classical dance "First Sight", classmate Hu Yujie held a silk fan, exuding traditional elegance, and danced with red sleeves, showing the tenderness and shyness of the "First Sight".

Then a short drama play telling the story of the Jian village left a deep impression on the audience, incorporating the right amount of twists and turns in the plot to keep everyone fascinated and including some good humour to bring laughter to the audience.

With a gentle and high-pitched voice, Zhang Yifan brought us the solo song "Red Ling", and used the song to tell the story of Pei Yanzhi with a sincere heart.

There is a poem in life, and when we have it, we often don't understand it. And when we can understand it, it is long gone. The name of this poem is youth. Liu Xiaoyu and Ma Ge's poem "Long Live Youth" shows how we are in our youth: with burning beliefs, endless reveries, and a warm and enthusiastic heart. Long live youth, always enthusiastic.

As this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the piano and violin ensemble "I and My Motherland" shared Lin Shuqi and Zhang Yile affectionate patriotism and best wishes for the future development of China.

The last show was a chorus "Love and Love" which brought together three classes. As the name of this song suggests, in less than three months many of the Chinese and European students have forged a deep friendship. In the next three years, everyone should have more friendships and memories.

In addition, this evening included some games and prizes mixed-in. The interaction between the audience also added more vitality to the delightful evening. Teachers gave everyone luck and blessings.

The event ended with the joy and laughter of students. Special thanks go out to the teachers of our law school and the students from the Culture and Sports Department for their tireless preparations. Thanks also to the classmates who brought the most exciting performances to the audience. Behind the scenes, the even would not have been possible without the support of a large staff which also deserves special recognition.

In the end everyone waved their hands to the past and are ready to work together towards a successful 2020. Best wishes are shared for the New Year.

Text: Wang Jiayi, Ke Qian
Photos: Liao Jingwen, Wang Jiayi