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Dr. Prusinowska Discusses Chinese Law at the Annual Conference of the European China Law Studies Association

On 26–28 July 2019, CESL Assistant Professor, Dr. Monika Prusinowska, took part in the Annual General Conference of the European China Law Studies Association held in Durham, UK.

The keynote speech “China’s Legal Non-Construction Project” was offered by Prof. Donald C. Clarke from George Washington University Law School and the keynote discussants were: Prof. Sarah Biddulph (Melbourne Law School), Prof. Xin He (University of Hong Kong) and Prof. Eva Pils (King’s College London).

Dr. Prusinowska presented two papers. The first one, “Again in the Agenda – Revision of the Chinese Arbitration Law: Single - or Double- track” was presented in the panel on international economic law chaired by Dr. Samuli Seppänen (Chinese University of Hong Kong). The second paper, “Recent Developments in the Area of Digitalization of Dispute Resolution in China: Chances and Risks” was a part of the panel on e-commerce law chaired by Dr. Jieying Liang (Durham Law School).