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CESL Debates on the Issues of Migration in Europe

On Friday afternoon, 24 May, the CESL community had its annual debate on the future of the EU.

Each year in spring, the CESL community meets to discuss the hot topics related to the EU. The questions debated this year were: "Is migration good or bad for Europe?" and "Should we encourage young Europeans to stay in their own countries?" The debater teams consisted of the CESL students and assistant professors, and the event was be moderated by the student host Yanbing Li.

The pro-migration teams consisted of student Anne Berlips (Germany) and assistant professor Monika Prusinowska (Poland). The anti-migration team was made of student Jean-Baptiste Blancardi (France) and assistant professor Zurab Gvelesiani (Georgia).

After fierce battles and an intense Q&A session, the audience was finally more convinced by the arguments presented by the student debaters. The classroom was not emptied for another half an hour, when the debaters and audience engaged in further discussions on this important issue of migration, looked at from the perspectives of both Europe and China.