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CESL Taster Lectures Section Five: Intellectual Property Law

Course Title: Intellectual Property Law

Lecturer: Dr Gemma Minero Alejandre

Dr Gemma Minero Alejandre has been a Lecturer in Civil and Intellectual Property Law at Autonomous University of Madrid since 2012. She is coordinator of the "Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies" LL.M. programme. Gemma holds a PhD in Law and Politics, an LL.M. in EU Law and a bachelor's degree from Autonomous University of Madrid. For her PhD studies, she received a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education Research Programme. She gained practical legal experiences in the Real State and Capital Markets Departments in the Madrid and London offices of the law firm Linklaters.

Course introduction:

Dr Gemma Minero Alejandrehas given the lecture of "Intellectual Property Law" at the China-EU School of Law from 19 to 23 March 2018. This lesson was dedicated to the general framework in European Law and International Law, thus, the international IP treaties, distinction between different IP rights and recent EU case-law have been illustrated.Dr Alejandreconcentrated on the legislative history about the "original requirement"in Copyright Law. Besides, she arranged many activities interacting with students in the classes.

CESL Taster Lectures:http://en.cesl.edu.cn/Aademic/Double_Master/CESL_Taster_Lecture1.htm