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Guest lecture by Prof. Alexis Vahlas

On Wednesday, 12 September, Prof. Alexis Vahlas delivered an open lecture within the China-EU Law Lecture Series. Prof. Vahlas is an Associate Professor of Public Law at the University of Strasbourg and Director of the Master’s-Level Diploma on European Security and International Stability. Acting in various capacities, Prof. Vahlas has had a chance to visit more than 90 countries and numerous crisis areas, including Sudan, Kosovo and Crimea.

Sharing his rich experience, he delivered a lecture titled “The Difficulty of Peace-keeping and Peace-building Operations in the Middle-East?”, which was aimed at assessing the operational presence and peace operations of international organisations in the Middle-East region.

In addressing the topic, Prof. Vahlas focused, in particular, on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and following the chronological order, he walked the audience through various stages of this conflict, as well as prospects for its future.