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CESL Second-year Students Arrive in Hamburg, Germany

In early September 2022, nearly 60 CESL students of the double master arrived in Hamburg, Germany, to begin their one-year international Master's program on European and International Law (MEIL) at Universität Hamburg.

Upon arrival in Hamburg, the students quickly went to their respective new homes and settled down. Then they went to buy necessities. They helped each other overcome language barriers and culture differences, and worked together to solve a series of tasks, such as figuring out public transportation, getting phone cards and applying for bank cards. Although there were some challenges for students arriving to Hamburg for the first time, they were still full of optimistic expectations for this city with a pleasant climate and profound history.

On the morning of September 5, students came to the lecture hall at the Faculty of Law to participate in a Welcoming Ceremony. Prof. Hinrich Julius, European Co-chair of the Joint Management Committee of CESL and Professor of Universität Hamburg, extended a warm welcome to all of students. He introduced the historic City-State of Hamburg and Universität Hamburg in detail. Then he gave some suggestions to students for their study and life. Ms. Malin Späth from the European Consortium Office of CESL handed out admission materials and patiently explained the student registration and course management.

On the afternoon of September 6th, Monty Silley, European Executive Co-Dean of CESL, led the students on a tour around the Universität Hamburg. They became acquainted with the teaching buildings, dining halls, libraries and other campus facilities. He also patiently answered the students' questions about their study and life in Hamburg.

In the middle of the week, the School arranged lectures for students on database and library usage. In addition, more students will also arrive in Germany. In the Winter Semester, students will complete the introductory module and three compulsory modules of Public International Law and Human Rights, European Union Law, and European Commercial Law at Universität Hamburg. In the Spring Semester, students will complete elective modules at Universität Hamburg or other European partner universities.

Photo: Malin Spath, Office of European Partners, CESL

Zhou Ningxi, Pei Xinyi, Wang Lianchen, Wang Bijia, CESL Double Master students from 2021 intake

News: Wang Bijia, CESL Double Master students from 2021 intake