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CESL European Selective Courses in Lund University Successfully Started

On April 24th2018, double master students Sun Leimeng, Chen Chen, Ma Yuanzheng, Yang Weiming, Yang Shishi and Wan Lu flew from Beijing Airport to Copenhagen where they started a 40 day selective course in Lund University, Sweden. The 400 year old Lund University is one of the partner universities of CESL. It is one of the most famous universities of the world with a total of seven faculties including, amongst others,the faculty of law, the faculty of medical and the faculty of economic management.

In April the weather in Lund is much cooler than that of Beijing. When we left Lund central train station at around 9pm that first night, it was still bright out and the sky a lovely blue. Despite the freezing cold wind, we felt energetic and enthusiastic because we were starting our new journey in northern Europe!

By 9.30pm on April 24th we finally found our accommodation in Lund, called University Guesthouse. It offers both single and double rooms. Every room is neat, tidy and well-equipped. There are kitchenson every floor of the accommodation where people can cook food for themselves. A large supermarket is conveniently located next to University Guesthouse. We usually do our supermarket-shopping here.

 (University Guesthouse)

At 9am on April 25th we went to the faculty of law of Lund University and successfully registered on to the university’s online system and received our student cards, which means that our selective courses were officiallys tarted. This year, the selective course includes three different courses: Global Environmental Rights, Business and Human Rights and Migration Law. We were divided into three groups of two to attend these courses alongside the fulltime students of university. These courses concentrate more on case-analysis and group discussions giving us plenty of time and opportunities to talk with experienced professors and other students from different countries around the world.

(Faculty of law)

(Global Enviromental Rights course)

On April 27th the coordinator of the master programme at Lund University, Andres Trojer, arranged for us to attend a lecture given by a librarian of the faculty of law. She taught us how to use the university’s library databases in order to undertake research for our theses. We found the university’s libraries to be a great resource with arich collection of books and literature. Students can borrow any of the books from the library using their student cards.

On May 3rd the European Co-Dean of CESL, Professor Bengt Lundell, and his wife gave us a warm welcome. We thoroughly enjoyed our meeting with Professor Lundell and the delicious cake and coffee! We visited his office in the faculty of law and talked about life in Lund. Professor Lundell had mentioned that it would be his birthday that day and we gave him our special Chinese gift to express our best wishes and blessings.

(Meeting with Prof. Bengt Lundell)

During our spare time, we walked around and visited some of Lund’s famous sights. The city is not a big city so it was very easy for us to stroll around and enjoy its beauty. The most famous Cathedral of Lund is located in the Lund Garden, which is actually very near to the faculty of law. The buildings and the architecture tell a story of Lund’s history and gives us a taste of the mysterious northern European culture.

(Main building of Lund university)

Writter: Sun Leimeng 2016 double-master student