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Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2017

The 2017 graduation ceremony of China-EU School of Law (CESL) was held at the Mingfa Building, Changping campus, on 21 June. CESL Chinese Co-Dean Prof. Liu Fei, European Executive Co-Dean Dr Clemens Richter, school academic faculty representatives, students’ parents, and the 2017 graduates attended the ceremony. This year, a total number of 71 students graduated from CESL, including two PhD students,59 double master students, one master student in Chinese Law, and nine in European and International Law.

All the graduates wearing gowns took a group photo together with teachers in front of the Fayuange library. A graduation video loaded with best wishes was played before the ceremony formally started, with 2017 graduate Han Xiao as the moderator. Prof. Liu Fei and Dr Clemens Richter delivered the commencement addresses as Co-Deans, after representatives of teachers and graduates gave their speeches. Then Prof. Liu Fei and Dr Clemens Richter conducted the dial-spike ceremony, conferring graduation certificates and awarding the diplomas to the graduates.

2017 graduate Han Xiao

Dr Clemens Richter expressed his congratulations to the graduates and his gratitude to the academic staff in his speech. He said that graduation is a special occasion that makes everyone at the same time happy and upset. There were many memorable moments at CESL, he recalled, and he always felt proud of the CESL graduates. He emphasised that no matter what kind of profession one is going to pursue, an international education background is a plus.

European Executive Co-dean Dr Clemens Richter

Prof. Liu Fei made a remark on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the campus a month ago. With Xi’s special expectations to the China University of Political Science and Law, he hoped everyone could make a joint effort in building CESL into a better institute. He highlighted that CESL is committed to the cultivation of legal talent with an international background and will continue to provide opportunities for international exchange. He wished students to maintain a good relationship and help each other after graduation, as well as make contributions the cause of law.

Chinese Co-dean Prof. Liu Fei

Prof. Yue Liling, who delivered a speech as one of the academic faculty representatives, expressed her pride in the achievements by all students. She hoped that they keep on pursuing their intellectual journey and that they become ambassadors between China and Europe. Dr Qi Hong encouraged the graduates to continue studying and help others even when they begin to work, and wished everyone a peaceful, happy life. Prof. Zheng Yongliu said, during the profitable three-year study, graduates not only have earned their degrees, but also enriched their lives. He was glad to see that students have broadened their international horizons, enhanced their professional skills and legal knowledge, and improved their legal English competence. With these accomplishments, he believed they could better cope with challenges in the future, while upholding their sincere appreciation of CESL.

Prof. Yue Liling, academic faculty representative 

Dr Qi Hong, academic faculty representative

Prof. Zheng Yongliu, academic faculty representative

Several student representatives also gave their speeches. Shao Yufei, a double master’s graduate, talked about his memories of the opening ceremony, and graduation ceremonies in previous years, lectures by Prof. Liu Fei and Prof. Zheng Yongliu. He shared that he was once struggling with his studies, but also excited about the study experiences in Europe. He thus encouraged graduates to take their responsibility as legal professionals.

Master’s programme student representative Shao Yufei

Jiang Yuanbo, who completed his PhD, summarised: “CESL is the most beautiful rainbow of my life.” He compared CESL to a torch, showing the future of the rule of law in China to the people. He described graduation as start to a new life rather than the end of student life.

PhD programme student representative Jiang Yuanbo