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New Cloud Recruitment for CESL Alumni

Affected by Covid-19, our Law School’s new graduates are facing unprecedented challenges in applying for jobs. CESL has prided itself in maintaining a consistently high graduate employment rate (always exceeding 90% within 3 months of graduation). 

In order to help promote the employment of new graduates during this unusually difficult time, the alumni and teachers of CESL have been actively providing information on employment positions and recommending potential employers to students. The School is grateful for this!

With the active support of alumni, CESL launched a special cloud recruitment system for our alumni to help build stronger communication opportunities between graduates and employers. This is a platform that can also provide graduates with more numerous and diverse employment possibilities.

We hope graduates will not be held back by the current situation and each will be able to find a great job as they begin their career. For more information on CESL’s recruitment resources please contact Teacher Wu.

Thank you again to all alumni and teachers for your active support of our students and graduates!